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My name is Andrew and I am serving as a mission pilot in the Philippines with PAMAS, Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services. We provide Medical Evacuation aviation services for patients in remote areas that don't have access to adequate medical care. I have seen countless examples of God working and it has inspired me along the way to help others in bigger ways. In my newsletters, I share stories of how God is working miracles in the Philippines. I'm glad you came to visit! Welcome to the journey!



Here are my three most recent newsletters listed below:

Our Lives an Example

December 6, 2022

Do you sometimes wish you could see the results of your influence? I know I do. In this update, you can see God at work!

Over Jungles and Ocean

September 9, 2022

Can you believe I've been in the Philippines for three months? I'm thrilled to be helping people in very tangible ways.

Finally Home

June 30, 2022

What could I do? To make my flight I would have to pay nearly 18,000 pesos just for taking my luggage.

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