First Glimpses


After a very short night's sleep, my alarm woke me up and I sensed it was telling me I had things to do. I couldn't believe that today, January 11, 2022, I would be leaving everything I knew - move 2,050 miles south to a foreign country I had never been to before. I was excited for the challenge, but didn't enjoy all the goodbyes. Overall I was looking forward to the challenge and opportunity to serve, and eagerly awaited the upcoming travel experience.

After being dropped off at the airport, I checked my suitcases in at the desk and proceeded to security and my gate. Not long afterwards our plane taxied out of the gate and we proceeded to the de-icing station. After a thorough coat of de-ice fluid, our plane taxied for takeoff. 

I left the snow covered ground in South Bend about an hour or so before sunrise, and when the sun did awaken over the horizon, it was a completely magical and dazzling experience! The colors were faint but each passing moment, they became richer and more glorious. Then all of a sudden, sunshine flooded the cabin. It was spectacular! As we proceeded south on course, we were blessed with a smooth and uneventful flight.

Clear skies greeted me in Charlotte, North Carolina. As we landed and finished one flight, I prepared to get on my second one bound for Costa Rica. It stayed beautiful the whole way, only dotted by a network of clouds hovering over the peaceful landscape below me. My eyelids lost the fight against gravity, and I allowed my peacefulness to drift into sleep. 


I woke up with a start. I had no clue how long I had been asleep, and I immediately turned my attention outside to see what I was flying over. I saw jungles and muddy rivers, items which were similar to the aerial maps of Nicaragua, which I had previously studied extensively before. As I peered down at my new home, tears came to my eyes! It was such a special and emotional experience. I didn't feel prepared for the challenges ahead but at the same time, I felt Jesus near beside me at that moment.


I just stared out, glued to the window as I searched for some clue as to what my future here had in store. The future didn’t open before me just then, and I chose to rest and to be content in the knowledge that God was leading and guiding my path. It takes trust and surrender to make that step forward, and it has been worth every moment. I offered up a prayer of dedication asking the Lord to use me in the best way He could for His glory. Soon the unknowns turned into possibilities in my mind as I regained my excitement for the future. God had shown me that His presence is going before me, will go  with me, and I didn't want anything to be different. 


About a half hour later, my plane landed in San José, Costa Rica, and and after spending an hour and a half in line for immigration and finding my luggage, I was welcomed by the Hansen family! I was glad when we finally arrived at our temporary apartment. 


From here, the plan is to stay in Costa Rica for the next week before driving to Nicaragua. The MiracleAir team is excited for what God has planned next! 

Our efforts are increasing as we seek permissions for the importation of the floatplane and preparing for it's soon arrival and use. God has been working miracles through MiracleAir and we are looking forward to may more miracles coming up soon.

We covet your prayers that God would move upon the officials so that we can get the needed permissions to bring the plane into the country, and that we would be able to find suitable land for starting a mission airbase and medical/dental boat ministry.

I want to say a special thank-you to each of you that have so generously given of your resources to help MiracleAir launch. I also want to thank those who have committed to ongoing support. You are a wonderful blessing to our team! I pray each of you receives a wonderful blessing because of your generosity!

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now;" Philippians 1:3-6


Andrew Hosford